To outsiders, Antukt is the height of civilization in the harsh jungle reality that is Cibola. The sun rises and sets on Antukt, and beneath its rays of light gold is made. And on some levels this is not far from the truth.

Antukt is not the capital of Cibola, but it is the city that serves as Cibola's face for the rest of shadow. As a coastal town it was one of the earliest settlements discovered by traders, and its wealth grew as it became a port of call. The Cibolan way of life welcomed simple luxuries that were easy to find in other worlds - cloth, hard metals, live bodies - and paid handsomely for them. That drugs were often easy to acquire from the jungle, and that so little was illegal on Cibolan soil, only made the town proser faster and soon it was a city proper.

A large population of expatriates now inhabit Antukt, While they come from all walks of life and many shadows, the majority of the expats are from Amber itself. The city has made itself an attractive place to hide for those who don't wish to be found. It is a place where gold talks, or can buy silence; where the right drink or dried weed can bring forgetfulness, and where a few bolts of Jadean silk can buy you slaves for your house.

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