Cibola City

Cibola is officially divided into a few dozen provinces, roughly matching language groups and cultural groups by region. These provinces are all subordinate to the Empire, but may wage war on each other within reasonable bounds. The capital, known to most as Cibola City, is said to have other names as well. These vary depending on season, the whim of the gods, and the region in which you are speaking. Most are taboo to speak to foreigners.


Cibola City is one of the closer kept secrets of the Cibolan Empire. It is the heart of the empire, the seat of the Emperor, and rumored to exist in the literal heart of the jungle as well. That no outside has ever lived to see how deep the jungles of Cibola are, it is difficult to tell how much this later claim should be given credence. What is known is that rulings and official doctrine seem to spring from some nebulous place often called Cibola City, and where the official seal goes fear and dread go with it.

While most natives will be hesitant to say much of Cibola-City, what they will tell you is this:

  • The most powerful of Cibola's magics come from there.
  • It is forbidden for any outsider to enter the walls of the city.
  • Those who look on the city without permission are blinded.
  • Bats fly out of Cibola City every night, but these are really the souls of sacrifice sent to do the bidding of the Emperor and his sorcerers.
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