Most would call this on-again, off-again resident of Amber a glorified diplomatic courier at best, although there doesn't seem to be any other offical representative of Cibola to be found. He may be a Karm cousin, too, though there doesn't seem to be a lot of bragging about that fact anywhere, by anyone. When he last left Amber a few years ago, he didn't have that eyepatch, and didn't dress so… Cibolan. Rumor had it that he was recalled, under some sort of shady cloud. He's back now, though.

Roleplay Hooks
-He's lived in Amber, off and on, for years. Want a shared history?
-Sometimes Karm lets him hang out, other times he doesn't seem very welcome.
-He is some sort of minor Cibolan diplomat, but they sure don't follow the forms the way other GC shadows do.
-He's shady and maybe criminal. Maybe you are too?
-He considers himself really funny, and is known to accost people and begin to tell jokes about them based on their reputation (e.g. +pbg).
-He is a known prankster.

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