Erendira came to Weirmonken under questionable circumstances, entering into the service of Emrys after his rescue of her from some horrible fate. Serving him for a time, she has more often been seen in Princess Llewella's company, even to the point of living at the Princess' townhouse in Amber. More recently, the rumors of her entering into Llewella's service seem to be substantiated.

Recently, Erendira has been seen in the service of the Ambassador, Itzcoatl and is rumored to be in the process of being welcomed back to Cibola as a citizen once more.

Roleplay Hooks
Erendira is presently searching for stories about Amber's origins. She is also a known alchemist and craftsman, and is rumored to have delved into the darker magics of her Cibolan homeland. See also: crafting, dreams, artist, Llewella.

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