Savage and wild, the Witchdoctors of Cibola are a frightening force of nature in their jungle homes. They stir frenzy in the hearts of slaves with the erratic beats played out on their hide drums; they lead rituals in deep villages to pray for rain or a favored hunt; they offer sacrifices to dark gods with wicked knives; and behind their elaborate masks they keep the jungles a dangerous place.

Witch-doctors learn how to make a mask to hide their face so they may act as a force of nature rather than as themselves. They have learned to use mud and wax and herbs and blood to form paint to stir their bodies to war. They have quested for the right piece of obsidian to make a sacrificial dagger; the perfect Liana Tree branch for their spear - as well as the feathers and scales that decorate it. They have even gone on a vision quest and hunted the animal, or human, whose hide they have turned into a drum and whose bones they coat with poison for the blowgun.

But most importantly, the witchdoctor has learned to listen to the rhythm of nature and mix it with the melody of rage so that it becomes the dance of death. When so made up - painted, masked, spear or dagger in hand - the witch doctor can let this song overwhelm them and lead their bodies in this dance of death, a fearsome sight full of the fury of nature…

Or so they would have outsiders believe, anyway.

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